Fostering Our Top Staff and the Balance between Private and Professional Life
Hemofarm’s Human Resources Division has a major role in the company’s development. Continuously monitoring the needs of employees, the Human Resources Division is focused on the mechanisms that enable Hemofarm to constantly be a stimulating environment which enables the maximum development of individual and team potential. Flexibility of work provides employees with the necessary balance between their professional and private lives.
Through its dynamic and global business operations, Hemofarm enables its employees to work in the international environment and also provides them with the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally through continuous education. The Human Resources Division continuously organizes professional training for employees, focusing on the improvement of knowledge, skills and professional performance. Also, great importance is attached to enabling all employees engaged in the same or similar jobs, regardless of their geographical location and previous experience, to simultaneously follow current trends and improve their professional skills.
Hemofarm has about 3.000 employees, the majority of whom (about 70%) are in Vršac where the largest production facilities and the company’s headquarters are located
As many as 41.5% of employees in Hemofarm have university degrees.. The most common professions are: chemical technicians (17.94%), bachelors of Technology (6.12%), bachelors of Pharmacy (6%), bachelors of Economics (5.28%), and medical doctors (3%...). There are 78 employees who have graduated from specialist or master’s degree programmes and 6 doctors.1