Our history

Hemofarm is a company which has operated in ‘four states’ and in several economic systems. It was privatised, and yet it remained ours.

Many interesting stories have been contained in 57 years of successful business.

Meet Hemofarm company.


VIRTUS Main Award for National Contribution to the Campaign Supporting the Organ Donation and Transplantation Programme in Serbia.


For the second year in a row, Hemofarm received the TOP SERBIAN BRANDS award, as the best corporate brand in the category of pharmacy, voted by the citizens of Serbia.

  • Dr Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm CEO, received the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award for extraordinary achievements in economy in the year 2015.
  • For the second year in a row, Hemofarm has won the 28th April National Award for the commitment to the values occupational safety and health and propagation of the culture of prevention which is awarded by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs.
  • Hemofarm received the Superbrands Serbia award as the best corporate brand in the category of pharmaceutical industry.

A new Ampoule Production Plant opened in Vršac with an investment of EUR 4.37 million

  • Construction of a new Solid Dosage Forms Packaging Centre started in Vršac.
  • Hemofarm is the first company in Serbia to be given the status of Authorized Economic Operator by the Customs Administration, as a long-term and stable partner in the foreign trade activity of Serbia
  • Hemofarm won the TOP SERBIAN BRANDS Award for the best corporate brand in the category of pharmaceuticals according to the citizens of Serbia
  • Hemofarm was awarded the VIRTUS Prize for its philanthropic contributions in Serbia by the Balkans Fund for Local Initiative
  • 28th April special award by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Government of Serbia’s Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues for its devotion to the values of occupational safety and health and promoting the culture of prevention
  • The Best of Serbia award for the best corporate brand in the category of chemistry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
  • The ‘Best Buy Award’ for Vitamin B and tranquillisers as symbols of the best price-quality ratio in the domestic market, according to the votes of consumers
  • The award ’Leader of Competitiveness and Sustainable Development’ awarded at the Danube Business Forum
  • Two awards at the UEPS (Association for Market Communications) competition: Golden award for the presence on social networks, quality of ALL THE BEST – Hemofarm Facebook page and Bronze award for promotional integrated campaign: Let’s Run as a Family in the category of social and humanitarian campaigns

Hemofarm is the leader in the Serbian domestic pharmaceutical market with a share of 34.3 percent

  • The scope of production increased by 13 percent: a historic record reached in production with 4.4 billion of product units which is more than 202 million packs.
  • Hemofarm is the largest exporter of medicines with a 79.1% share in the total export of pharmaceutical products from Serbia
  • 125 new marketing authorizations obtained for 10 markets
  • The ‘Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ award for being the most socially responsible company in the South Banat Region
  • The Best of Serbia award for the best corporate brand in the category of chemistry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm CEO, received the ‘Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ award in the category: leader of business environment in Serbia<.li>
  • ALL THE BEST – Hemofarm page voted as the best in the year 2013 by users of social networks

Hemofarm Foundation celebrated 20 years of activity

  • In Germany, STADA was the first company to start the sales of Sildenafil – a medicine used in treatment of erectile dysfunction manufactured in Hemofarm’s plant in Vršac.
  • STADA IT Solutionsfounded
  • Hemofarm published its first Sustainable Development Report for 2012
  • Silver Award awarded by UEPS (Serbian Association for Market Communications) for Hemofarm and Homepage digital agency, for the presence on social networks.
  • National award of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for socially responsible business practices
  • The award of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina for Hemofarm’s contribution to the total development of the economy of Vojvodina and Serbia as a whole
  • Superbrands award for the best corporate brand in the category of pharmaceuticals
  • A second award for Occupational Safety and Health from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia
  • 2012

    Dr. Ronald Seeliger assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer

    • The award ‘Best Exporter’ from the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency of the Republic of Serbia (SIEPA)

    Wolfram Heinisch appointed Chief Executive Officer

  • The VIRTUS award for corporate philanthropy in the category of Contributions to the Local Community, awarded by the Balkans Fund for Local Initiatives
  • 2009

    Hemofarm began exporting to the United States of America

    • A ‘Best of Serbia’ award for Hemofarm from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for its corporate brand in the category Consumer Goods and based on the assessment of an expert jury as well as consumer votes
    • An award for Hemofarm for winning a new market in the USA from the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA)
    • An award for Hemomont for social responsibility from the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro

    ZorkaPharma opened a new production line of Lactulose syrup, the first product of the STADA Group which was completely transferred to Hemofarm

    • Hemomont received a GMP Certificate
    • The award for corporate social responsibility from the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA)

    The VIRTUS award from the Balkans Fund for Local Initiatives for a long-lasting partnership between the business and non-profit sector


    The German company STADA officially became the majority owner of Hemofarm on 9th August

    • Hemofarm opened the first Serbian pharmaceutical plant in Obninsk, Russia, 80 km from Moscow
    • The award ‘Exporter of the Year’ from the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA)
    • The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska awarded Hemofarm d.o.o. Banjaluka for being the best company in the chemical industry category

    Hemofarm inženjering received an ISO 9001:2000 series Certificate

    • Implementation of the SAP project in Hemofarm’s business operations began
    • The Medal of Njegos of the First Order for results achieved in business operations and in the development of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Serbia; the recognition established by the system of medals of the Republic of Srpska and defined by the Constitution for outstanding merits to the state
    • ZorkaPharma won the Quality Oscar award awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for its achieved business results and contribution to the development of the economy

    A new plant, ZorkaPharma, for the manufacture of syrups, ointments, solutions, and suppositories was opened as well as an adaptation of the part of the plant for manufacturing solid dosage medicinal forms was completed

  • The Dositej Obradović Endowment was founded by Hemofarm together with Matica Srpska, The Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia and the Institute for Literature and Art
  • The Golden Charter of Peace ‘Linus Pauling’ from the International League of Humanists was awarded for contributions to the development of peace in the region through the development of economic cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2003

    Hemofarm d.o.o. Banja Luka became the first pharmaceutical plant to be opened in Republika Srpska

  • A Plant for Sterile Manufacturing of Injectables began operations and the reconstruction of the Infusion Solutions Plant was completed
  • Hemofarm won the Quality Oscar, a national award for business excellence awarded by the Fund for Quality Culture and Excellence in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • 2002

    In a tender competition, Hemofarm became the majority owner of the Šabac-based ZorkaPharma

  • Zannini Hemofarm, a plant for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging material opened
  • A new plant for the production of lyophilized forms of medicines and with new technology of dual-chamber vials Mix-O-Vial and a contemporary ampoule filling line was opened in Vršac
  • 2001

    Hemofarm medicinal products appeared in German pharmacies for the first time

    • MCA Certificate obtained for the British market
    • Hemofarm Koncern assumed a leading position in the sales of medicines in the domestic market after it had broken all previous records, with the production of 70 million packs in total

    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office verified the first patent of Hemofarm: A procedure for isolating haemoglobin and its use


    Hemovet plant launched in Bački Petrovac


    JUS ISO 9002 award to Hemofarm as the first pharmaceutical company which met the required conditions

  • Hemofarm Haus opened in Bad Homburg with modern business facilities in which the companies ‘Hemopharm GmbH’ and ‘Hemph’ were located
  • A new plant of dry galenic forms, covering an area of 13.500 m², was put into operation. At the time it was one of the most up-to-date plants of its kind in Europe
  • 1995

    The reconstruction and adaptation of the Business Centre in Belgrade, covering an area of 1.600 m²

  • Plaque of the Chamber of Commerce of Yugoslavia awarded for achieved business results
  • JUS ISO 9002 certificate presented to Hemofarm, the first pharmaceutical company in Yugoslavia to meet the conditions for quality guarantee
  • The keys of 44 newly - constructed flats presented to employees in Hemograd in Vršac
  • 1994

    Hemomont in Podgorica - Infusion Solutions Plant put into operation, Hemofarm’s 11th subsidiary

  • A new antibiotics plant launched in Dubovac
  • 1993

    Hemofarm Foundation was founded.

  • Hemovet – a company for the manufacture of veterinary products and plant production products, was founded.
  • 1992

    The first international representative office opened in Moscow


    The first ‘Hemofarm’ company abroad – ‘Hemopharm GmbH’, the main leader of foreign trade activities was founded in Frankfurt


    Research and Development Laboratory put into operation

    • A state-of-the-art plant for the production of PVC gloves was launched in Srpska Crnja
    • Hemofarm changed its status from a ‘public company’ to a joint-stock company, thereby beginning the process of privatization of the formerly collectively owned company
    • The Presidency of The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia awarded Hemofarm with the Order of Labour with Red Banner, a high recognition for success in the economy and its work in significantly contributing to the development of the country

    A new plant for plastic, self-folding packaging material launched in Jasenovo


    A patent for the first Yugoslav dialyzer was presented, with the code ‘C 1.6’ made by experts from the Hemofarm plant ‘Hemomed’

    • A new Electronic Computer Centre was launched in order to provide automatic data processing. Programmes necessary for the centre were written by experts from Hemofarm’s Planning and Analysis Division
    • The so called ‘bottle pack’ line for the production of standard and special infusion solutions under aseptic conditions was put into operation

    A new plant for the production of fucidin gauze was launched, and Hemofarm became the first manufacturer of ‘Stanicid’ gauze in Yugoslavia.

    • Upon reconstruction, Hemofarm became the leading manufacturer of infusion solutions in Europe
    • Production of CAPD solutions for peritoneal dialysis initiated In cooperation with Fresenius

    Hemomed, the first plant for capillary dialysers in Yugoslavia, was put into operation.

    • After the resignation of Rastko Ogrizović, Miodrag Babić assumed the position of director of Hemofarm

    A new plant for the production of lyophilizates was put into operation, whereby Yugoslav import of those agents was substituted

  • After the sudden death of Boško Savić, Rastko Ogrizović assumed the position of Managing Director
  • 1977

    Infusion Solutions Plant put into operation

    • Packaging Material Plant put into operation
    • Microbiological Research Laboratory constructed

    Completion of the plant and the administration building (now the central building)


    Hemoplast, a plant for manufacturing paper and plastic packaging material completed


    Boško Savić appointed director


    Exports from Hemofarm to Iran, the first country to purchase medicines from Vršac


    The department for the production of distilled water, tablets, ointments, solutions launched and a laboratory equipped


    Sima Dokić appointed Managing Director


    Hemofarm, a plant for the manufacture of pharmaceutical, chemical and disinfection products, founded on 1 June

    • The first product – Aminopirin, registered
    • Another 26 products registered by the end of the year
    • The only year in Hemofarm’s history that ended with a financial loss
    • Nikola Gerdec, one of Hemofarm’s founders, appointed as the first director
    Hemofarm A.D.
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