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When Words Become Actions – Society Becomes a Better Place to Live!

Sustainable development is a balanced approach to meeting our needs today, without threatening the possibility for the future generations to do the same tomorrow. We have only borrowed this planet from our predecessors and we should preserve it and hand it over to our heirs in a better state than we found it.

Back in 1987 the United Nation’s Brundtland Commission published its now already historical sustainability report called Our Common Future. Precisely on this notion of ‘common future’ has Hemofarm founded its approach to business, as well as its relationship with its employees, business partners, consumers and to the overall community.

Hemofarm has just published its fifth Sustainability Report titled When Words Become Actions. The Report has been prepared according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G4 methodology and it presents 87 indicators which marked Hemofarm’s sustainable development in 2016. The report has been verified by an independent company KPMG, confirming as much as 15 indicators more than when Hemofarm obtained the highest A+ level.

’Sustainable development has no established and generally acknowledged definition. Likewise, people usually identify this term with environmental protection. For Hemofarm, sustainable development is a safe path to a more certain and better future. It is a reflection of our universal responsibility, both for the available resources and for people around us. Through our example we have been striving to inspire others so that they would bravely venture on the path of sustainable development.’

dr Ronald Seeliger
‘Sustainable development is the story about how to be better in everything we do, show more respect to people and community in which we work and live, save resources and preserve the environment, so that we would have something to leave to the generations to come. The title of our new report When Words Become Actions best illustrates what we wanted to discuss with all our stakeholders. Perhaps one of the most important examples of our actions is also The Most Important Call in Life campaign, which promotes organ donation and represents the vital struggle – for sustainability of life.’

Sanda Savić
Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications
In an effort to improve the quality of its system of controlling the impact of its activities on the environment, Hemofarm introduced an environment protection management system according to the ISO 14001 standard.

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Hemofarm has broken a record in production again, while continuously decreasing the consumption of electric power and natural gas per finished product unit. In spite of the increased headcount, we have continued pursuing the trend of reduction in the number of injuries at work. The share of women in management positions is still predominant, and the company continued giving equal chances to everyone. Hemofarm pursued taking care of the local communities in which its employees live and work through the activities of Hemofarm Foundation, … but, you can find more details about this in the new Report.

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