Company profile

Founded in Vršac on 1st June 1960, Hemofarm A.D. is today the leading generic pharmaceutical company in Serbia and in the region.

Manufacturing high quality, efficient, safe and affordable pharmaceutical products is the core activity of the company. Since 2006, Hemofarm has been a part of the German STADA Group, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Leading Position

Hemofarm is a leader in the Serbian pharmaceutical market with a 17.3% share in financial terms. And with a 79.1% share in the export of Serbian pharmaceutical products, the Vršac-based company is at the same time the leading Serbian exporter of medicinal products. Hemofarm produces over 4 billion tablets and capsules a year. It runs its business on three continents and it has a team of over 2.500 employees. In addition to being present in 38 markets worldwide, Hemofarm is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the region. Hemofarm is committed to constant innovation. In addition to the research and development of modern pharmaceuticals, Hemofarm pays special attention to sustainable business operations, harmonised with the BSCI social responsibility code and respect for human rights. With a 97.6% compliance with this code, Hemofarm has the best result of all the companies operating in Serbia.

Seat and Representative Offices

In addition to its main plant in Vršac, Hemofarm has registered representative offices in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, and Kragujevac. A subsidiary company in Šabac became a full part of Hemofarm A.D. through a merger in January 2015.

Apart from Serbia, Hemofarm also has subsidiaries in the region – in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Romania, as well as a European laboratory in Timisoara, Romania. Hemofarm also has a representative office in Algeria which has been operating since 2008.

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Hemofarm A.D.
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