Ronald Seeliger member of Managing Board of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
15. June 2016.
Hemofarm CEO and the Chairman of German-Serbian Business Association, Dr Ronald Seeliger, was voted a new member of the Managing Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

Thirteen new members of the Managing Board at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia Assembly meeting in order to fundamentally modernise the structure of this managing body, reinforce it, and harmonise it with the Law on Chambers of Commerce, adopted in the end of last year.

President of the CCIS, Mr Marko Čadež, pointed out that the new composition of the Managing Board mirrors the composition of the Serbian economy and that it is grounded in the desire of CCIS to have all segments of economy represented in its management – large businesses, as well as small and mid-sized businesses, authentic national companies and representatives of the most important international companies operating in Serbia, but also privately and state-owned companies, and representatives of the most innovative and most dynamic business sectors in Serbia.

In addition to Dr Ronald Seeliger, the following persons were voted new members of CCIS MB: Udo Eichlinger (Siemens), Branko Milutinović (Nordeus), Željko Vujinović (Microsoft), Miodrag Kostić (MK Group), Andrej Jovanović (Moji brendovi), John Kyritsis (Delhaize Serbia), Dimitrije Knjeginjić (Lafarge Beočin Cement Factory), Predrag Ćulibrk (Telekom), Nebojša Šaponjić (Nelt), Vladimir Milovanović (Energoprojekt holding), Dejan Radenković (Kosmet prevoz), and Milun Todorović (Auto Čačak).