Record of Hemofarm Employees in the Humanitarian Drive ’Cap for Handicap’
13. July 2016.
The Hemofarm employees continue showing their humane side. This year, they have collected about 700 kg of plastic caps for the Association ‘Cap for Handicap’, whereby they broke the last year’s record in collecting caps.

Supporting the campaign ‘Cap for Handicap’, Hemofarm Foundation initiated collection of plastic caps in all Hemofarm plants in Serbia over a year ago. Thanks to Hemofarm and its employees, which is also a company that collected the most caps, several pieces of disability equipment have been purchased for the members of the Association who cannot afford it, using the funds obtained from recycling of the caps.

For each purchase of a wheelchair it is necessary to collect about 5 tons of plastic caps. Therefore, a great number of people and unlimited duration of the campaign are crucial for its success. Since the beginning of the campaign, in 2013, 33 lightweight, active wheelchairs, 8 room wheelchairs, 4 walkers, 2 scalamobils and 10 pairs of crutches have been purchased thanks to the collected caps.