Hemofarm Foundation Wins an Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year
14. December 2016.
Hemofarm Foundation is the winner of the Annual Award for Socially Responsible Company of the Year awarded by the Serbian Association of Managers. On the occasion of celebrating 10 years of existence, this association presented 10 annual awards in as many categories last night. SAM Annual Awards are presented with the aim of promoting the best managers, best employers, socially responsible companies, economic journalists and projects which develop leadership among young people, as well as with the aim to promote exceptional business, social and humane actions which marked this year.

The expert jury was unanimous in their decision that Hemofarm Foundation’s campaign THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL IN LIFE was the most important socially responsible campaign this year. According to the jury’s explanation, the campaign has initiated interest, awareness and consciousness of the public at all levels about the important topic of donation and transplantation of organs and supporting the new Law on Organ Transplantation.

‘Our friends, who have been waiting for transplantation for years, contributed the most to the success of the campaign. In spite of the most severe health problems and life challenges, they devotedly participated in the campaign, and courageously exposed their most delicate life dilemmas to the public, while being aware that the battle they have been fighting is much more a battle for some future lives, than for their own. Because of that, this award belongs to them, as much as to us, and its importance is not so much an acknowledgement of success of a campaign, but rather a contribution to establishing a social consensus on significance of organ donation and transplantation,’ Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications of Hemofarm and member of Hemofarm Foundation Management Board, emphasized on the occasion of award ceremony.

THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL IN LIFE is a campaign which influenced change of perception of organ donation in Serbia through cooperation with the highest institutions of the society and the state and made the first success – June 6th has been declared the National Donor Day. Within the same campaign, an eponymous documentary was filmed, featuring powerful testimonies of people waiting for transplantation, all with the aim of changing, in addition to the Law, also the awareness of the Serbian public, and accepting donation as a voluntary act and expression of solidarity of each one of us.

SAM is a business association gathering 400 professional managers, who manage teams of over 90,000 employees and generate annual revenue close to EUR 12 billion. More than 300 guests from business, politics, diplomacy, culture and media life were present at the gala dinner on the occasion of SAM Annual Awards presentation and jubilee celebration ceremony.