Dubovac breaks its own record!
13. January 2017.
Our antibiotics factory in Dubovac has scored a record output for the fifth consecutive year. Though the smallest in size within Hemofram Group, the team of 68 employees is among the best record-holders.

The employees in antibiotics plant launched more than 11.34 million packs, thereby not only exceeding the own success from 2015, but also increasing production volume by 13 percent compared to the planned one.

Let us remind you that antibiotics plant in Dubovac is unique facility within Hemofarm Group for production of beta-lactam antibiotics. More than a half of products is launched to the Russian market, while the remaining products are launched mostly to the markets of the Western Balkans.

The plant in Dubovac was put into operation in 1994. There is an interesting fact that a factory for production of baskets from twigs was located at the same site in the past.

The clean rooms – production rooms with clearly standardized type of walls, floors, ceilings, air conditioning system, air filtration, lighting and quality of equipment for production – were installed for the first time in the territory of former Yugoslavia in this very Hemofarm’s factory. From the very beginning of operation, penicillin antibiotics plant has been complying with the international standards. In accordance with GMP guidelines and the strict procedures of production of penicillin antibiotics, it was relocated from Vršac and detached from the production of other medicinal products.