Hemofarm Donated Beds to Emergency Centre
13. December 2018.
Hemofarm dated additional 20 hospital beds to the Emergency Centre of the Serbian Clinical Centre, in the value of RSD 4.6 million. The beds will be used in at Intensive Care Unit. The company donated hospital beds to the Emergency Centre in the same value last year, too.

On the occasion of the latest donation, Dr Marko Ercegovac, Emergency Centre Director, pointed out that Hemofarm had displayed a high level of responsibility in its partnership with the Ministry of Health and healthcare institutions in Serbia. ‘Improvement of medical treatment conditions is the main goal of the Ministry of Health and of this institution which Hemofarm clearly recognised by having donated hospital beds for the second year in a row now. The beds will be used for care for the most serious patients at the intensive care units. The most critical and the most serious patients from all over Serbia are treated in the Emergency Centre and this is why it is important to provide good treatment conditions for them. I sincerely hope that the successful cooperation and the partnership we have with Hemofarm will become traditional’, said the Emergency Centre Director.

Dr Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm CEO and Vice President of STADA Group pointed out that it was a great pleasure to collaborate with the Emergency Centre. ‘It is clearly obvious that good equipment is needed for providing the best possible care for patients. If our aid provides patients better quality of treatment and if in addition it makes the work of healthcare professionals easier, it will be the greatest honour for us. The partnership of Hemofarm and the Emergency Centre, as well as that of Hemofarm and the Serbian Clinical Centre, has lasted for years, and I am sure it will be continued’, said Dr Seeliger, and added that as humans we are all obliged to help each other.

In honour of the collaboration and support expressed so far, the Emergency Centre Director awarded an honorary plaque to Hemofarm.

The total amount of aid in equipment and medicinal products of Hemofarm to healthcare institutions amounted to RSD 24 million this year only. Over the past two years, the company has, for example, provided continuous aid to the Serbian Clinical Centre through donations in the value of RSD 12 million.