We Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Antibiotics Plant in Dubovac
01. March 2019.
Exactly 25 years ago, production of antibiotics started at the production site in Dubovac. This jubilee was an occasion to mark together a quarter of a century of successful operation, to sum up the results of previous years and to talk even more enthusiastically about our plans for the future.

Looking back at the early days of production when Dubovac was a small plant of Panfarma, subsidiary of Hemofarm, established for production and sales of generic medicines, Dušan Sefčik, head of production at the Antibiotics Plant addressed all the colleagues who were there. “As the saying goes in our people – a healthy person has a thousand wishes, but a sick person has only one. It's hard to even imagine how many times our products fulfilled this primal desire. We never forgot this fact and we never will – that this is true care for people’s health” said Sefčik at the beginning of his speech.

This anniversary was a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the first 25 years of work, but also to congratulate our colleagues who left a great mark in the past. ‘Gradually, we expanded our product portfolio, installed new equipment, increased and reconstructed the production area, saw our friends off to retirement and greeted new ones. In time, we became the key antibiotics production centre, not just in Hemofarm but also in STADA Group’ Sefčik pointed out.

According to his words, long ago in 1994, 28 people got the chance to work in pharmaceutical industry. As much as a half of this number are the colleagues who have been in Hemofarm since the start of production and, among others, they are the core of the small team in Dubovac. To this day, they have regularly followed the high demands of this industry and met all the necessary criteria for work.