Sustainable Business from Point of View of Professor Đorđija Petkoski
28. February 2019.
Owing to quality projects of Hemofarm employees, participation in Ideas4Action competition as well as transparent reporting on sustainable development, we had an exclusive opportunity to be the hosts to one of the greatest names worldwide in the domain of sustainable development – Professor Đorđija Petkoski, Lecturer at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Petkoski spoke of importance and significance of sustainable development both on global and on local level through the prism of real life situations. As a holder of two doctorate degrees, in economics and in electrical engineering, as well as the master degree in public administration from Harvard University, Petkoski graphically explained that it is most important to see a wide picture of your expectations as well as your current circumstances.

In his consideration of the Ideas4Action global competition, Petkoski pointed out that it is young people who are the frontrunners of sustainable development, but also of life as a whole. As he explained, the initial idea of the Ideas4Action competition was to create a programme which would facilitate a direct engagement of young people and offer them a possibility to send their ideas independently of various institutional procedures, which often represent barriers on this road.

In this context, Professor reminded that our company has been recognised as a system which believes in young people, providing them space to come up with their individual proposals. ‘Hemofarm has become the first company in the world which saw this competition as a way of engaging young colleagues to feel free and motivated in proposing their ideas’, Petkoski pointed out. According to him, the key of success of young people lies in discovering on time the so-called ‘entry point’ in the conditions that surround them and, by viewing a wider picture, find a way to express their ideas loud.

Taking into account that the topic of sustainable development is on the rise, not only in our region but on the global level, the huge interest of our colleagues as well as our company’s partners to attend this lecture is not surprising. Among the participants were: representatives of the UN Global Compact, representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives of other educational institutions and companies with whom our company is striving to make the future more predictable and more sustainable, and to make the current environment a better place for living.