Hemofarm Presents the Sustainable Development Report for 2018
30. October 2019.


‘Let’s Create the Wave of Sustainable Values’ is a call sent out to entire society by Hemofarm company through its seventh-in-a-row Report on Sustainable Development at the event in Vršac, during which its employees, business partners, women and children from socially-challenged groups gathered around the ‘Dress for Success’ programme and elementary school students from the school ‘Ogla Petrov Radišić’ from Vršac, took part in a series of creative workshops.

By turning the used-up car tyres into furniture, colourful equipment and decorations through creative work, all of them have shown that rubber does not necessarily have to become useless waste, but it can rather take on a new life.
The paper made of reprocessed car tyres and leather previously used for clothes served Hemofarm company for printing its new Report on Sustainable Development on it, thus additionally pointing out that recycling, reuse of raw materials and circular economy are possible always when there is readiness, will, and creativity for doing it.

Dr Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm, pointed out that the manufacturing complex in Vršac had not been chosen for presenting the new Report on Sustainable Development by mere chance, as this is the very place at which the success story of this largest local pharmaceutical producer and regional pharmaceutical leader started 60 years ago and has been created ever since.

‘We are very proud of being not only the pharmaceutical and business leader, but also the sustainable development leader’, Seeliger said and explained that it meant that Hemofarm had been proving through actions that in addition to business results, all other achievements leading to a better quality environment and a more humane society were also important.

In 2018, medicinal products with Hemofarm brand were available on three continents in 34 countries, a new record was broken by production of 5.5 billion tablets, capsules and other dosage forms, i.e. 245 million packs of finished products, with simultaneous additional reduction of pollution and consumption of water and electricity. Last year, almost 200 million packs of Hemofarm’s products were made of recycled cardboard, meaning that ‘sustainable packaging’ was provided for more than 80 percent of products. More than 17,000 trees were preserved again in this way.

At the same time, Hemofarm continued investing in its production capacities, as well as in its employees the number of which increased by seven percent, while women still make a majority of 53 percent in both total headcount and the management.

Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications in Hemofarm, has pointed out that sustainable development does not entail only ecology, but also the care for the welfare of the entire community, emphasizing that for that very reason, this company accomplished about 90 individual activities which were aimed at improving the quality of health and life of people through work of its Foundation in the last year alone. Educational and humanitarian actions were focused not only on raising the awareness of citizens about the importance of preventive medical examinations, organ donation and transplantation, but also on supporting doctors, best students and pupils in acquiring new knowledge.

‘Excellence Award, which we have been presenting since last year, shows which values we uphold’, Sanda Savić emphasized, expressing her confidence that the number of those who create the present, which ensures the future, thus cherishing sustainable development, will continue to increase in the upcoming period.

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