Press release
01. August 2014.
STADA Company has been unpleasantly surprised by the statement that Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić issued today, at the press conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where, speaking about his own statement in Galenika case, he accused STADA of having privileged position. Laws and market rules have been equal for all local manufacturers in Serbia and Hemofarm has not been privileged in any way. 

STADA and Hemofarm respect Serbia’s legal system and they will always support the principle of seeking the truth through legal system, not through media campaigns.

We repeat that Hemofarm, being the largest local pharmaceutical company and one of the largest exporters in Serbia, has been in a very difficult situation for years due to a chain of debts characterizing pharmaceutical industry. Despite not so small debts towards Hemofarm, we have done our best to keep Serbian medicine market stable, having in mind full understanding for a difficult economic situation in the country.

STADA and Hemofarm will keep on supporting efforts of the state of Serbia to create conditions for sound operations of all companies that are putting efforts in the strengthening of Serbian economy and in the improvement of the citizens’ living standard through dialogue and partnership relations with all relevant institutions, just like they have been doing so far.