All the best - 10th anniversary autumn Health Festival
22. September 2014.
Under the slogan All the best (Svako dobro), the 10th anniversary Autumn Health Festival will be held from September 25 to September 26 at the Youth Club in Belgrade. The event aims at informing and educating the citizens of Serbia about the importance of health preservation, with participation of representatives from health care centres, hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies, pharmacy companies and fitness, wellness and spa centres.

The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia, ALIMS, OKS, Serbian Medical Chamber and other prominent institutions, and during the event, Hemofarm will have a mobile medical office where citizens will be able to consult with top cardiologists, as well as to get pieces of advice and interpretation of cardiology test results. Aside from the consulting, on Friday, September 26, at 18:00, Hemofarm will organise a free lecture about cardiac problems, diagnostics and prevention, which will be held by eminent experts in this area.

’Having in mind the alarming fact that Serbia is in the very top among the countries with high mortality as a result of heart diseases, for this event, Hemofarm will be focused exactly on the topic of prevention of such ailments. This year, Hemofarm launched Midol 100 in Serbian market, a medicine intended for prevention of cardiac illnesses like heart attack and blood vessel diseases. We invite representatives of all generations to attend the lecture, but also to visit our Midol 100 stand in the Youth Club hall and get the best guidelines for protection of their health, with advice from doctors and medical examinations with consulting. As a socially responsible company, Hemofarm will continue contributing to improvement of general health of the population, entire health care system and quality of life, by supporting and initiating activities dedicated to prevention, but also with its high-quality, readily available products’.

Simultaneous with the national campaign dedicated to support for families with children, conducted by Hemofarm Foundation and UNICEF, at the 10th Health Festival, Hemofarm is also the sponsor of family health. Entrance to the event is free of charge, and all necessary information about Hemofarm’s participation in the Festival will be available at Midol 100 stand. Further information on the complete programme and Festival itself can be found at