Continuation of Successful Cooperation with Hemofarm
03. April 2011.
Wolfram Heinisch, Managing Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of Hemofarm, Marko Milojević, member of the Executive Board of Hemofarm, and Gordana Lazić Velovan, PR manager of the company, have been the guests of editors-in-chief and directors of media companies gathered around the Media Association today.

Mr. Heinisch used the first visit to the seat of the Media Association to inform in detail the persons present about Hemofarm’s current business activities, forecasts and plans for 2011, but also about problems which pharmaceutical industry is facing while doing business in the Serbian market.

Mr. Heinisch expressed his belief that the media will write about problems the industry and Hemofarm are facing systematically and with special care, with the purpose to solve the problems quickly and efficiently in the context of permanent supply of the Serbian market with adequate medicines. Special place in discussions was dedicated to marketing plans of Hemofarm in 2011 and improvement of cooperation with media companies in that area. Long-standing successful cooperation of Hemofarm and the Media Association continues to mutual satisfaction.