Hemofarm – Most Desirable Employer in Pharmaceutical Industry
13. April 2015.
The Company Hemofarm has been selected the most desirable employer in pharmaceutical industry in 2015. According to the research results done by a student organization AIESEC, Hemofarm is on the list of ten companies in Serbia which are most desirable for employment.

This year’s survey included about 400 young people, mostly the ones who have just graduated or are about to graduate. The research demonstrated that young people hoped that a potential employer would provide them with not just salary but also with an opportunity to develop and learn and with a motivating environment at work. The survey was conducted at the employment fair Career days 2015.

In addition to the recognition by safety, quality and availability of medicines, Hemofarm has won another recognition given by the ones who represent the future of this country. We are happy that our company has been recognized as a great place for work and development. Hemofarm is the leader in pharmaceutical industry and, at the same time, a socially responsible company which contributes to development of the community and its employees who are the most important resource’, Mariora Andraš Tomić, Director of Human Resources Division in Hemofarm said.

She pointed out that in the end of 2014 Hemofarm employed 165 new people for indefinite period of time, and special attention was paid to young people and talents. Therefore, Hemofarm Foundation, besides the support it provides through many humanitarian actions, also grants scholarships to the best students every year.

At this year’s employment fair Career Days, about 60 students participated in a workshop held by the representatives of Hemofarm, including also the CEO of the company, Ronald Seeliger who informed the students about the culture of the company and specifics of operation of this leader in the regional pharmaceutical market.