Certificate of Authorized Business Entity to Hemofarm
22. April 2015.
Hemofarm is the first company in Serbia which was granted the status of Authorized Business Entity, as the long-term and stable partner in the foreign trade activity of Serbia by the Customs Administration.

Assistant Director of the Customs, Duško Marinković, handed the Certificate of Authorized Business Entity to Željko Dudić, Director of Hemofarm Purchasing Division.

The authorized status which is granted by the Customs Administration enables faster and simplified customs clearance procedures which speeds up the sales of products, increases product competitiveness and business efficiency.

Customs Administration Certificate represents another confirmation that we do business well both to ours and to the benefit of the society in which we operate. Regarding the fact that according to the latest data we occupy the sixth position in the list of top 10 Serbian exporters and the first in the pharmaceutical industry with export amounting to almost EUR 150 million, this status significantly speeds up our business operations. Besides, it gives us a chance to be more efficient and to position ourselves better in the international market, which includes 38 countries in the world in our case’, Željko Dudić said.

Hemofarm is also one of the first companies in Serbia which signed the Agreement on Application of Simplified Customs Procedures, the so called ’in-house customs clearance’, which is applied in the production complexes in Vršac and Šabac, with the Customs Administration. In addition to speeding up the customs procedure and sales in the European markets, this status also enables business transparency along with observing the procedures stipulated by the law.

I am very glad that Hemofarm is the first company which was granted the status of the authorized business entity because we have already been cooperating for many years and we have never had any difficulties. The Certificate is a great support to this company to continue with the dynamic and continuous foreign trade activity. I hope that some other companies from Serbia will join this Hemofarm status’, Duško Marinković pointed out.

The main advantages of the authorized business entity system are reflected in the possibility of implementing a simplified customs procedure which implies less controls, less documentation, advantages in customs clearance, selection of the place for control, as well as better relationships and recognition of other state administration authorities, as well as better positioning of the company in the market. The reasons for introduction of simplified customs procedures include support to the business for more efficient operations, cost reduction, faster capital flow, establishing quality internal controls, harmonization of legal regulations and practices with the regulations of the European Union.