Let Humanity be in Vogue
02. April 2016.
PROLONG LIFE. COLOUR IN RED. is the name of the fashion show that officially opened the 39th Black `n` Easy Fashion Week in Belgrade.

More than 20 Serbian outstanding fashion designers, members of the Design Collective, have designed dresses that were proudly presented by our renowned celebrities on the catwalk. This fashion show, which sends the message of humanity, has been conceived by the Fashion Studio Click and Hemofarm Foundation.

Connecting two key campaigns, PROLONG LIFE dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of organ donation and transplantation, which is implemented by the Ministry of Health, as a partner, and COLOUR IN RED for prevention of heart diseases, Hemofarm Foundation has been insisting that these issues should be set as a topic of the greatest social and public interest for several years now.

‘Einstein said that it was more difficult to break prejudices than atoms. That's why tonight we were in a kind of rebellion against prejudices and stereotypes that accompany this topic’ - Sanda Savić,Director of HemofarmCorporate Affairs and Communications and a member of the Management Board of Hemofarm Foundation said. ’These dresses have symbolically impressed the message to every spectator in the audience that being a donor implies the highest level of awareness of the power in each of us to save someone’s life. For many it is enough to give their vote for donation’.

This humanitarian fashion show has been conceived according to philanthropic actions at New York Fashion Week. ’We would like to say that fashion is not only creativity, but also a way to convey a message about yourself and your life choices,’ Nenad Radujević, one of the founders of the Belgrade Fashion Week said.

Statistics indicate that six people die of cardiovascular diseases in Serbia every hour, and as few as 10 percent of the names on the waiting list experience a new organ, but the most disheartening is the statistics indicating that Serbia has as few as 3 donors per million inhabitants. There should be ten donors so that all our fellow citizens waiting for transplantation can get a new organ.

The Directorate of Biomedicine and Hemofarm Foundation have enabled the fashion show visitors to become real ambassadors of the message PROLONG LIFE. COLOUR IN RED. by signing donor cards at the Black `n` Easy Fashion Week.